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I redesigned my life to write and do documentary work. Here are just a few projects I am devoting myself to. More to come ~

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Image by Mika Baumeister

The Chronicles of Dora Casey

This is a children's book series about Miss Dora Casey, a little chiweenie dog with a big heart and spirit of adventure. She travels the world, and also learns to navigate different friendships and cultures.

Poem about Feeling Like a Side Piece and then Realizing You ARE the Side Piece

Ahhhh, Tinder. Wonderful dates, fun... and then realizing you've been seeing a man who lies about every detail of his life. When I get mad, cheesy rhymes come out... could be worse! It's at least creative. And it's just one chapter of a book about the hazards of dating post-divorce.

Among You, Resolved

From spring 2012 to winter 2013, I worked at the now defunct Nanjing University Migrant Workers' Legal Aid Center. Stories from the legal system in China.

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