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On the terror of writing and words

Sometimes words fly into my head and come out into cheesy rhymes. It happens when I'm inspired, happy, angsty, and angry. It's weird, but it's part of who I am. After my divorce, these words just started to flow last year and it was a sign I was in a really good place, and I'm so happy to share it here.


The Terror

February 2022

— On words flying into my head again on a Thursday night (or - how sometimes I freeze up and have to write very cheesy poems and this has happened to me since age 10)

Recording Stories

Interviews and Documentary Work

I'm honored to be recording stories. I have experience in oral history, qualitative research, journalism, and am now working on two documentaries. One features artist JC Dye. Here's a small piece I did about his sculpture, A Circle of Tears, about PTSD and the Vietnam War, which has been accepted in the US Marine Corps Museum.

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