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DuckDuck -- There You Go


Well, don'tcha know

Isn't really hiding you

And you're not a pro - 

Assumptions and poor analysis

Like "knowing" me via Instagram nonsense

So little you actually ascertained

Even as you thought you were the one playing a game

A cookie cutter career of intelligence 

Marital midlife crisis boring nonsense

Predictable moral cognitive dissonance

A creative mind dulled by indifference

Boring, boring, and that spark of creativity is gone

A book and some photos now you just date to carry on

One-offs -- hollow hookups -- the women say it was flat without sarcasm

If you're cheating at least make it worthwhile and that they're not fake orgasms


That's the thing about these dating apps for women very often

It takes a few times to reach that place where all intensity cruxes and softens

Men go hard and come and the encounter feels like a success

If the goal was to jerk off with a warm body then - well - yes


But even in a hookup it's nice to find some desire

That pull and feel of two bodies on fire

It could be a one-off or last for a year or life

Without that spark - might as well just keep fucking your wife.


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