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Brains, Bodies, and Language

The next adventure begins. It's been a wild past few years. I am grateful to all the connections and learning moments. Life is exciting ~ so it goes.

And if you're "Adam," just visiting to monitor if I'm posting a photo of you/us, please just go away. I can tell by your location and frequency it's you from visitor reports on my webpage. You're boring. A predictable midlife crisis of someone who could be creative/was creative, but got lost in the cognitive dissonance of work that seeped into real life. I thought you were intellectual and interesting, but you're literally just another nearly 50-year-old loser who is too scared to be honest to himself and will stay in a weird life pattern just for stability. Maybe just a misogynistic gold digger. No wonder you were so weird about paying the bill. (I still feel bad - I was so confused when I offered and you were adamant you would pay - I should have grabbed your card and would have seen your real name.) You're upset your wife makes more and asks you to split things. It is overall, boring.

I wish you'd been honest. I guess I was part of your body count. Now, please: go away. I thought you were a friend and sincere. I didn't expect more. I wanted to get to DC and date around but remain friends with you. In a world of fleeting connections and movement, realizing half a year of conversations were fake was really hurtful. Now, please, just go away. Good luck on your next houseboat fling and whatever date you take to your regular spots. And I'm sure your wife will stay; just like you.


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